Hello Everyone + Hybrid Fruit Anyone?


Today marks the beginning of my documented foodie adventures and I am so excited!  This has been a long time coming and with the support of my family and friends, I am finally taking the leap into the world of food blogging.

My food passion all started when I started watching Food Network in 1997.  My parents had the huge satellite dish that got what seemed 300 channels (a drop in the bucket now) but I thought it was cool because it had a the “WEST” channels so I could watch all the shows when they were airing in California…..again…I was thought I was cool!

At the time, my parents had a gourmet kitchen and it was really neat.  Gas burners, granite countertops, sub-zero fridge, warming drawer & a wine chiller.  I didn’t even drink wine but that totally added to the “cool” factor.

So one day I am watching Jacques Torres- chocolate/dessert extraordinaire, feeling brave, and I somehow think I can create this:

Note to adventurous foodies- PLEASE do not try to make spun hot sugar cages for your 1st attempt into the gourmet world- you WILL burn yourself and make a HUGE mess-  And if you live at home your mother will be mad when you mess up her beautiful kitchen…because you will mess it up.  Please take my word.

Lookie what Bella & I had this morning:

Plumcots!  Look at that beautiful color…it looks like a ruby!

They are a hybrid fruit that are 50% plum & 50% apricot and they are soooo insanely good.  I picked up a couple at Central Market (HEB) and so glad I did.  I had read about these and also Pluots which are also a hybrid plum/apricot but not a 50/50 mix and in my opinion–not as good.

You should definitely try Plumcots!

What hybrid fruits have you tried?


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