Red is Rojo…..


Bella has a favorite song that she sings everyday that I absolutely love about the colors of the rainbow and it is all in Spanish…..(to the tune of Are you Sleeping?)

Red es rojo

Red es rojo

Green es verde

Green es verde

Yellow amarillo

Yellow amarillo

Blue azul

Blue azul

ok ok ok you get the point….it’s super cute when she sings it and I have been singing it all night because of the name of dinner….Rojo Tacos

Here is the setup:

  • ground turkey breast
  • sweet onions
  • olive oil
  • limes
  • whole wheat tortillas
  • Penzey’s Rojo Taco sauce
  • salt & pepper

First things first!  Chop up the onion and throw it in the pan to soften and caramelize

Take the onions out of the pan and throw in the turkey and brown it up and then put the onions back in and add the Rojo taco sauce and then a squeeze of lime~

Then you can grate some monterrey jack cheese and make some cumin/lime sour cream to go on the tortilla…watch out for sneaky little hands

This is how it looks plated and it is FABULOUS!

I have bedtime stories to read so I have to run but have a great night!

ps…this is spicy so not for the faint of heart

What is your favorite spicy food?


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