A cool 95 degrees


Happy PRE-Friday everyone!  We are soooooo close to the weekend!

As many of you know the weather here in Dallas as been iNsAnElY H-O-T  H-O-T  H-OT!!  We were 1 day away from breaking our 1980 streak of 40+ days with over 100 degree temps.

But today we got a break~  the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up and the temp dropped to 89 degrees with a quickness…but then *poof* it went away 😦  But on the bright side of things we ended up topping out at a cool 95 degrees:

Pretty crazy when the mid 90’s brings us a sigh of relief from the heat….we don’t look so lucky for the rest of the week!

Look at this easy breezy dinner I made tonight~  Chicken Mozzarella Popovers

Here is what you need:

  • rotisserie chicken
  • store bought crescent rolls
  • shallot
  • fresh mozzarella (bocconcini)
  • Penzey’s Country French Vinaigrette Base mix
  • melted butter

Roll out the crescent roll dough into four squares and pinch the creases so that they don’t split.  Add a piece of mozzarella & the shallots on top of the dough

shred up some chicken and add it to the mix

now it’s time to fold ’em up!


pull up one side and then the other and pinch all the sides together

then brush them with some melted butter and sprinkle the Penzey’s seasoning on them

Then follow the directions on the store bought dough on cooking temp & time and then come out brown and yummy!

Definitely 4 year old approved and it only took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  I served with carrots and ranch dressing 🙂

I have an ice cream run to make…because I promised

What is your favorite go-to meal to make?


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