One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish


I love fish tacos…..I first discovered them at Houlihan’s of all places and fell in love.  I have since had them at many other places.  The problem with most restaurant-style fish tacos is that they are so heavy, being fried, and have lots of creamy sauce on them.  I had a serious craving for them over the weekend but was not willing to give up all the fat and calories for them- so I lightened them up but didn’t give up any of the flavor!

TJ’s Seafood Market is in my neighborhood and they have the best and freshest seafood that I have been able to get in the area.  Of course I chose to go and get my Tilapia there!  Check out their offerings-

I also snagged a 1/2 lb of boiled shrimp & their homeade remoulade because I just can’t leave there without them as they never dissapoint!

Let’s get down to the good stuff-

Here are the players:

Fresh Tilapia, limes, Penzey’s Smokey Seasoned Salt, Penzey’s Ground Cumin, evoo, pepper, corn, cilantro & non-fat plain greek yogurt, salsa & mayo (for the salsa crema)

Marinate the fish first with the oil, squeezed lime juice, a healthy sprinkle of the smokey salt & pepper & some lime zest…just because it adds that je ne sais quois.

Then cut the corn off the cob and try this super awesome method because it works and corn doesn’t end up all over the counter!

Please disregard the markings in the bundt pan–it is about 100 years old and I am sure yours will be nice and sparkly:)

Then cut up your cilantro and put aside your corn and cilantro for later…

yummmmmmmmm!  I could eat this all by itself!

So before you put the fish on the grill let’s go ahead and made the “slaw”.  Of course since I am lightening up the traditional fish taco fare- the “slaw” would be no different.  I made a broccoli slaw with a vinegar base…let’s check it out~

Throw a little broccoli slaw in a bowl and mix in smidge of evoo, juice 1/2 of an orange, some vinegar, mince some shallot & dust it with cumin & Smoky seasoned salt – Penzey’s of course;)

OMGEE- that is mouthwatering!

Throw that in the fridge and let’s get the fish on the grill!

3 minutes on each side on medium high heat and voila!

I am sure that your fish will look better than mine but if not- no worries people- remember it goes INSIDE the tortilla- the taste is what matters the most!

Don’t forget to warm your tortillas on the grill!

And then let’s assemble-

1) tortilla

2) add fish

3) add slaw

4) drizzle crema

5) sprinkle corn & cilantro


Grilled Fish Tacos w/ Salsa Crema


2 TBL olive oil

2 TBL lime juice

dash of smokey seasoned salt

dash pepper

zest of 1 lime

Salsa Crema

1/2 cup non-fat Plain Greek yogurt

2 TBL mayo

1/4 cup spicy salsa

Broccoli Slaw

1 cup broccoli slaw

juice from 1/2 orange

1/3 cup of vinegar

1 minced shallot

dash of smokey seasoned salt

dash of cumin

+ don’t forget your toppers of fresh sweet corn & chopped cilantro!

I am off for a relaxing night- after all, today is national relaxation day….I will take the advice!

What is your favorite dish that you “lighten” up?


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