How do you butter your bread?


So I was looking around the kitchen this morning for inspiration and I noticed that I had some leftover cilantro and raspberries from recipes that I had made over the weekend.  With no immediate plans to use them in the next few days, I came up with the idea to make 2 seperate butters highlighting each ingredient–look at the results:

The outcomes of both butters exceeded my wildest dreams….now let me show you how easy it is to make them……

Lemonberry Butter

Here are the players~

Raspberries, unsalted butter & lemon zest + a super sweet secret ingredient..scroll down

Do you know how beautifully fragrant lemon zest is??  It is absolutely fantastic…..if you have ever driven the Amalfi Coast then it will take you right back there–if not– please put it on your bucket list.  You can thank me later;)

Sorry my ADD is kicking in today…..back to the butter

I just used a spatula and creamed the softened butter and then tossed in the zest + whole raspberries + an amazing secret ingredient~

 Vanilla Sugar from Penzey’s….I love to open the bottle and just smell it but I am kinda crazy like that

Sprinkle in a little magic and stir up the mixture

You can just break up the raspberries with the tip of the spatula but don’t mutilate the poor things.

Then lay out some wax paper and put a piece of plastic wrap on top

pop it in the freezer for about an hour and this is what you get~

Spread it on toast, waffles, pancakes… is sweet and tart and rich.  The perfect way to kick up your breakfast or afternoon snack!

Cilantro butter

Here is what you need~

Cilantro, salted butter, lemon zest, garlic, pepper + a secret ingredient!

There is just a bunch of love in that little bottle…that can only make this herbacious butter BETTER!

Chop up the cilantro & mince the garlic and put it all in the bowl with the rest of the lemon zest & a dash of pepper & Arizona Dreaming

Roll it up like we did the Berry butter

And after you chill it in the freezer for about an hour or so this is what you get~

You can spread it on anything but a couple of suggestions would be a steak, roasted chicken or the bottom of a shoe…it is versatile like that!

Don’t let those fruits and herbs go to waste- where there is a will there is a way!

Have a great Tuesday night!

How do you use up your leftover fruits?


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