Look Rocky- I pulled an avocado out of my hat!


Today has been a ca-razy busy day…I have been going from the moment the sun came up.  I had about 1001 errands to run and I have one more….I have to go to the store 😦

Bella has her end-of-the-summer party at camp tomorrow and they have to take a sack lunch.  She wants a sandwich, cheetos along with grapes & strawberries-  I think I will exchange the Cheetos for Popchips- they are my new obsession.

Please run out and try them- they are on sale at Target right now 2 variety packs for $4

They aren’t baked or fried and they taste GOOD!

So because I ran into a wall about 3:30 and have been dragging ever since- I pulled an avocado & egg out of my hat and created a super simple dinner.

It is a simple egg salad stuffed avocado with sliced tomatoes and my child approved because she is part of the clean plate club tonight!

It is rather a sinful dinner with the lucious avocado and egg salad with a touch of shallot so we had watermelon for dessert:)

Here are the players~

And you know I have a Penzey’s spice that I am going to use- this is an all-purpose seasoning that is good on everything!

How can you not love a spice blend that has it all?!

So let’s get down to business!

I know everyone has their own method to boiling eggs and I have tried them all……but the method that has been the most  successful 100% of the time has been the following:

Fill pan up with water and put eggs in immediately.  Eggs should not be covered completely:

I bring the water up to a boil and then cover immediately and turn off the heat.  I let them hang out about 15 minutes and then throw them into an ice water bath (this makes them easier to peel)

While they are hanging out in an ice bath go ahead and chop your shallot & scoop out your avocado:

and then peel your eggs, chop ’em up

throw in the shallot & mayo and mix ’em up and try not to eat it all right then and there….

It is very hard but I promise you will love it even more if you wait for the creamy & decadent avocado:)

Dust the avocado with the Sandwich Sprinkle and then spoon the egg salad mixture into the middle.

I used a small scooper to make it look pretty…..

Then I sliced up a couple of grape tomatoes for color 😉

That sure was yummy, not to mention, quick & easy!

OK I have got to get to the store for grapes, strawberries & goldfish for her class tomorrow or I might be put in timeout…

What is your favorite thing to do with avocados?


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