A few of my favorite things


Happy Friday friends!

I am sure everyone is looking forward to a 3 day weekend 🙂

I will be cooking a lot this weekend and will be posting different things but I thought I would do a quick Friday favorite things for Labor Day so you could have some ideas for your party if you are racking your brain!

Favorite Salsa

I have made a lot of salsa in my time and I have to say that Pioneer Woman is not messing around….it is delish!


Favorite Creamy Dip

I am such a spinach dip love-ah! I make it for lots of family/office/just to keep in my refrigerator for me to eat kind of functions!

It’s super easy and it’s great with veggies & wheat thins for dipping!


Favorite Potato Salad

I have been making this roasted potato salad for years and my 2 secret ingredients are cilantro & sweet corn (you don’t even cook it!  just cut off the cob!)


Favorite Flag Cake

Isn’t that just pretty?  Well with the cream cheese frosting it is a wonderful ending to the end of the summer!  I have also made this for a couple of years and have always gotten raves about it!


Favorite Slaw

this is yummilicious!  so fresh and clean and yum yum yum!  One thing to note is that you want to be sparing with the red onions because they only get stronger as it sits and if you want to have leftovers not like you’ll have any but if you do….you’ll not want your slaw to reek of onion the next day 😉


Favorite Cocktail

I know that I wrote a post on this already but it really is that good and I made it with Labor Day in mind!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!







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