Friday FoodGawker Favorites


Happy Friday Everyone!

I can’t believe how fast this week has flown.  It has been a super busy week but deep breath for some FoodGawker favs…..YUM!

Favorite Breakfast/Dessert

Apple pie is definitely the epitome of comfort food but this just takes it to a whole different level!


Favorite Healthy Veggie

These are from a Delicata Squash- what a pretty name!  Don’t they look like the butter ring cookies you used to get in Sunday school?  So pretty and just another wonderful and healthy way to get your vegetables in;)


Favorite Cocktail Pop-in-your-mouth-food

With all the holiday cocktail parties coming up- we all need new ideas!  Curry Roasted Chickpeas?!  Move over nuts!

Crispy, Crunchy – once you pop you can’t stop!


Favorite Dip

My mom has talked about this dip for years!  She had it when she went to a neighborhood Christmas party and has never forgotten it!  This recipe is also figure friendly too SCORE!  Also, if you can get the really good ginger snaps to dip they are fabulous- Nyaker’s Ginger Snaps can be bought at World Market


Favorite Pumpkin Roll

As you see I am a little obsessed with pumpkin but hey it’s Fall and we only have a few months a year to truly enjoy this heavenly squash!  I made pumpkin bread this week and it was great with just a little butter but add some cream cheese—-DROOL


Favorite Salad

The simplicity and freshness of this salad have me hooked!  I am not a huge fennel fan because I don’t like the anise (black licorice) flavor BUT with tart green apple, onion, pomegranate & goat cheese- YES PLEASE!


Favorite Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry + Pomegranate + Orange = never ever buy that jellied cranberry in a can gloop again!


Favorite Waffles

Pumpkin Waffles……I am taking a break to go make these NOW


Favorite Ooey Gooey Butter Cake

Ooey Gooey Butter Pumpkin Cake…….there is no bad time to eat this but I am sure the most pleasure comes when you are in your pj’s in the dark with only the light of the open refrigerator


Have a fabulous weekend!  So excited to get ready for Thanksgiving!!!!!!


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