Friday FoodGawker Favorites


Happy Friday Everyone!

I have been crazy busy and with Christmas right around the corner- I am not slowing down!!

Today thought lets focus on my weekly FoodGawker favs!

Favorite Potato

Roasted Potato stacks?!  Genius!!  Thin, crispy stacks of potato heaven


Favorite Tarte

oh my goodness!!!  This looks sinful!  ~TARTE CHOCO CRUNCH AU CARAMEL~ The page and the recipe are in French but I highly suggest just translating the recipe because this is too good to miss


Favorite Cider Idea

Look at this super cute idea!   Apple cider served in a hollowed out apple- genius!  You will be a total rockstar host with this idea at your holiday party!


Favorite Marshmallow idea

I am excited about this idea- Marshmallows drizzled in chocolate and rolled in peppermint!  It is fun and festive and I love it.  Just make these in a bunch and put some cellophane over them and tie with a ribbon- instant Christmas!


Favorite Cozy Risotto

This screams comfort food to me!  A creamy, luscious leek & pancetta  risotto with a warm poached egg…drool


Favorite cookie

Vanilla Bean Baci- what?  In english- 2 heavenly vanilla bean cookies with a layer of chocolate in the middle….my favorite cookie I have found yet!


Favorite Stuffed Shroom

Portobello shrooms stuffed with spinach, peppers covered in melty fontina cheese – forget your guests LOL!  Make these for yourself!!


Favorite Biscotti

MMMMM Gingerbread-Anise biscotti drizzled with white chocolate.  All you need is a cup of hot coffee and a cold, snowy morning or foggy like it is here is Texas:)


Favorite Homemade Gift idea

Tis the season to make wonderful homemade gifts!  People will love that you put your heart and soul into a present just for them.  I love love love this idea of a vanilla bean spice set!


Favorite Cocktail Party idea

A spoon you can eat?!  Your guest will love this idea!  These pastry spoons are filled with crab rangoon but you could fill them anything and they will be fantastic


Favorite Mini Cannolis

Mini cinnamon Cannolis filled with gooey cinnamon-ricotta=marscapone goodness with the crispy outer shell dipped in chocolate…….fabulous!


Off for some shopping etc etc…..Have a happy Friday, ya’ll!


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