Friday FoodGawker Favorites


Happy Friday Everyone!

Not only is this a fabulous Friday but here in Dallas today is the last day of school before Spring Break!  We are packing the car and getting ready to get outta town….so excited!

But before I spend the next 12 hours in the car with an almost 5-year-old ~ I thought a moment of sanity was well deserved and a little gawking was necessary!

Favorite bad day remedy

Trashy Brownies aka $!utty brownies.  Kristin over at Iowa Girl Eats profiled a version of these on her Friday Favorites a couple of weeks ago and I have not gotten them out of my head.  These will make any bad day instantly better.

Favorite Spicy Finger Food

Spicy Chicken Flautas with lime sour cream These are pretty much a staple in our Tex Mex diet and the lime sour cream sounds so refreshing!

Favorite 3 minute dessert

Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake 3 minutes in a mug and DONE.  NUFF SAID!

Favorite Weeknight Meal

Lemon Glazed Chicken Sticky~lemony~chicken-y TOTAL deliciousness + figure friendly!

Favorite Party Food

Deep Fried Ravioli on a stick  Everyone loves food on a stick.  It is portable and lets you have one hand free for a cocktail!

Favorite Spicy Bite

Bang Bang Shrimp I have had some variations of this and it is light your lips on fire GOOD!

Favorite Roll

Tomato Basil Roll What a great way to change-up the traditional dinner roll!

Favorite Healthy Breakfast

Banana Roll So amazing my almost 5-year-old would gobble this up in a heartbeat!

Favorite Cake

Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting Sometimes the most simple things are the best!

Favorite Bella Bite

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites My little person would go BONKERS over these perfect pillows of ham & cheese goodness!

Favorite Party Bite

Chicken Salad Puffs These types of bites just excite me.  I could eat 100

Favorite Zany Dessert

Lime-tastic Tartlets Low carb, sugar-free & gluten-free with a super surprising twist!   I can’t wait to give these a whirl

Favorite Pancake

Apple Ring Pancakes What a perfect idea!

Favorite Too Cute for Words Easter Idea

Crescent Carrots filled with Egg Salad These are TOO cute and I know some little bunnies that would LOVE these


Have a great weekend and wish me luck on the drive but the destination is worth it 😉


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