Friday FoodGawker Favorites



What a week!  I started a new workout this week called BeatBurn Elliptical and while it literally beat me~ it also made me feel GREAT!  I love that it changes your workouts daily and has great music that really helps you move it move it!  They also have workouts for the treadmill & indoor bike…..check it out!

Let’s dive into some FoodGawker favs~

Favorite dip: Monster Cookie Dough Dip   All I need is this bowl and a spoon!

Favorite Light Bite: Summer Zucchini Bites  What a fabulous healthy poppable bite!  Great for outdoor cocktail parties!

Favorite Summer Cocktail: Blackberry Lemon Gin Fizz  This is SUMMER IN A GLASS!  Cheers:)

Favorite meal in a flash: Open-Faced Chicken Caprese Sanwiches  This is the perfect weeknight meal that will have you out of the kitchen and enjoying this awesomeness in 15 minutes!

Favorite over the border twist: Mexican Corn Cakes with Shredded Pork  This would be a fun idea for a family game night or theme night by setting out a toppings bar!

Favorite hot stuff: Homemade Spicy Garlic Buffalo Sauce I have been having an affair with buffalo sauce lately and making it myself really excites me!

Favorite savory: Korean-Style Grilled Skirt Steak There is a special marriage that steak and soy sauce have….it just makes mouths happy!

Favorite cutesy: Pomegranate Ice Cubes What an amazing idea!

Favorite Spread: Compound Butters (Lemon-Mint & Red Scallion-Honey)  You can’t even imagine how much flavor these types of butters add to ANYTHING!



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