Mary B Cakes


Look at the surprise waiting for me when I got home on Friday afternoon ~SQUEAL~

Could it be?  Mary B Cakes……all for me!!!!

The wrapping was so beautiful but what was waiting for me inside…..was even better

Look at these moist and I do mean MOIST cakes!  The fragrant aromas from opening the box were enough to send my tastebuds in a frenzy!

Mary uses the finest ingredients and it truly comes through with every delicious bite.  It truly takes her cakes to a whole different level.

Zucchini Cake

This decadent moist cake was truly special with the notes of worldly spices, including ginger.  I was at peace while indulging in this luscious cake because it’s healthy since it has zucchini in it,  rightRIGHT!

Triple Chocolate Cake

I am a CHOCO-HOLIC and I thought this cake only existed in my chocolate dreams!  Mexican vanilla and Ghiradelli chocolate were long lost best friends in this decadent & moist cake that caused me to let out an audible MMMMMMMMM!

I wish the picture was better resolution but honestly I snapped one picture and dove in like a mad woman!

Bread Pudding Cake

Mary calls this the “ultimate comfort food” and I am here to tell you she nailed it! I took one bite of this – the warm and smooth texture and flavor caused me to close my eyes and I was in the French Quarter.  The blend of the molasses, vanilla and rum will definitely transport you to your happy place!

Madagascar Vanilla Cake

This is no plain vanilla cake. The tone of the exotic Madagascar vanilla is a hit.  Madagascar vanilla is the finest vanilla in the world and that coupled with the creamy, moist texture screams WINNER!

These cakes were beyond fabulous and I love that you can purchase them directly from Mary here and she also has them available at many Dallas/Ft. Worth Markets

I only tasted a few but she has many more flavors such as: Lemon Cake, Pumpkin Spice Cake & Banana Cake

I love Mary B Cakes because the ingredients she uses ~ Madagascar Vanilla, West African Cocoa, Mexican Vanilla, West Indian Nutmeg, China Cinnamon, Californian Lemons, Columbian pumpkin ~ take her cakes from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Her slogan says it all~

Mary B Cakes ~  Gourmet Cakes That Warm the Heart


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