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Remoulade that will ROCK your world!


I am soooooo excited!  We are T-1 day until my baby girls 5th birthday and I am 98% excited and 2 % sad or maybe that is 98% sad and 2% excited…seriously I am excited for her!

This is too cute not to share even though she would not find it amusing in the least….LOOK at those legs

Now I have to get ready for her to start Kindergarten in the Fall….sniff sniff

OK- I can’t talk about this anymore….I’m all teary

Let’s talk about this amazing ROCK YOUR WORLD Remoulade!

I made it to accompany the grilled artichokes for dinner ~ it is so good that I can’t even believe we didn’t scarf it all down before the artichokes were done….it took some willpower….actually won’t power!

Here is the cast of characters:

  • 1/2 cup Hellmans (any other mayo won’t do and anything with “whip” in the name will get you arrested)
  • 1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard
  • 2 dashes of Worcestershire
  • 1 dash of hot pepper sauce (more if you want it a little spicy)
  • 1 squirt of lemon juice (real lemon juice is best unless you didn’t have one- don’t be like me)
  • 1 anchovy (this is a super secret ingredient that MAKES this….please – I promise on all that is holy- you will love it~ don’t leave it out!
  • 1/4 cup shallot, finely minced
  • 1 garlic clove, finely minced
  • 2 green onions sliced in half and minced…reserve some of green tops for decoration
  • 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
  • small pinch of salt (mayo is salty and anchovy is salty so be careful- you can add but you can’t take it out)
  • 2 grinds of pepper

Throw all in a bowl and whisk together ~ cover and let come together for 2 hours at least so all the flavors can fall in love and get married AND THEY WILL

I know they may look daunting but this is what the anchovies look like when you open the can..all curled up and pretty- remove one from the can and you can use the caper in the middle or not- whatever floats your boat!

Place in on the cutting board and chop up and then with the back of your knife- run over it to make it into a paste…it is really soft and this will be really easy-

Once you have refrigerated it for a couple of hours- it is going to leave a permanent smile on your face!

Have a fantastic Thursday!


Bloody Mary Dip


Do you remember playing the game Bloody Mary when you were growing up?

I do, and for me, it was along the same lines as the Ouija board.  It scared the living daylights outta me and I knew it was something I shouldn’t be playing around with.  To this day, I can’t watch anything scarier than Unsolved Mysteries, unless it is light outside.  I am not a wuss- I just don’t want to be up all night.

I am definitely one that believes in good ghosts/spirits- when Bella was little and just barely talking- she would point to the chandelier in her room and say that is where her people lived.

But with every ying there is a yang so I don’t like to intentionally invite anyone/anything to visit me!

All that being said- WHO LOVES BLOODY MARYS?  I DO I DO I DO!

And I love them SPPPIIICCYYYY with extra Mary (aka Vodka!) + lime

So I came across this dip recipe and knew it was for me and my whole family could enjoy it because it is sans alcohol but FULL of flavor!

If there is anything I can impart on you today it is the importance of the Bloody Mary Mix.  I have had zillions of different mixes in my day but the one that goes above and beyond is….drumroll


The tag line is so true NOT Just Another Bloody Mary Mix!

Thanks to my brother John for the introduction to this wonderful concoction…it’s my Sunday brunch staple.

Check out this awesome and easy dip to make!

I wish you could taste this awesomeness through the screen!  And it is sooooooooooooo beyond easy to make

Here we go

Bloody Mary Dip (adapted from Yummly)

  • 2 packages of softened cream cheese (I used 1 pkg of Neufachatel & 1 pkg of low fat cream cheese)
  • 1/3 cup REAL Mayo (like Hellmanns)
  • juice 1/2 a lemon
  • 3/4-1 cup Zing Zang
  • 2 tsp Celery Salt
  • 1 Tablespoon Horseradish (not pictured)
  • 1 shallot, finally minced
  • 1/3 cup of tomato puree
  • 1/2 tablespoon of garlic powder
  • several healthy chugs of Cholula

Put is all in a blender and mix together and you have a wonderful dip my friends!

Blend and it turns to this beautiful dip

Please chill this for a MINIMUM of 2 hours but the more the better!

Serve with pretzels or celery or tortilla chips or even with a spoon 😉

I have discovered some new dippers called Snack Factory – Pretzel Crisps and I am eating them with the dip right now!  I usually find these in the deli section of my local grocery store

This will make a great Halloween Party Dip for kids + adults!

Have a great Wednesday!

What were your favorite childhood games?

Bison sliders – to die for


It’s Thursday night and we are all dragging a little bit.  The first week of school is almost over and we are all feeling the effects of the early mornings, shuttling to and from activities, and of course the relentless heat.  Is it winter yet?

Seriously, I promise you, I will NOT complain if we get snow for 3 months straight!  Who am I kidding….this is Texas and even with extreme weather- we wouldn’t get that kind of weather…I think 😉

Tonight I wanted to make something sensational and sensationally easy so I settled on Bison sliders

These were seriously the best sliders I have ever had!  And I am not saying that to brag…ok maybe I impressed myself a little 😉

In my experiences, anytime that I have ordered sliders from restaurants they are always dry and tasteless.  The juice was running down my arm with these babies and since bison/buffalo is like 98% lean- NO GUILT!

Here is how I made them:

  • 1 lb of quality bison (get from your butcher at your local market)
  • Lea & Perrin’s worcestershire (no other will do)
  • slider rolls
  • Penzey’s Smoky Seasoned Salt

Turn on or light your grill – get it super duper HOT!  Because the meat is so lean- this is going to be a very fast grilling experience or they will get overcooked-EWWWW

I put the meat balls on the platter and sprinkled the salt over them and the worcestershire and then formed the patties

I then split the rolls and took all my loot out to the super hot grill.  I put the burgers on first and lined the rolls right next to them to get them nice and toasty…..mmmmmm

I am a cheese-y kinda girl so I chose provolone but the beauty of the burger is you can choose ANYTHING you want or NOTHING at all…..yes they are that good

Look at how juicy those are!

I promptly got them off the grill after 3 minutes per side for medium-rare and into the kitchen to rest for a few minutes

Again, I am not going into detail about toppings as we didn’t get exotic this go around but I have some super big ideas and will be doing another post soon!

I simply made a mayo (please promise me you won’t use that Miracle Whip stuff…your buffalo deserves more from you after sacrificing its life for your dinner- thank you) ketchup spread and slathered it on the buns with a little romaine lettuce and then I did a cute tomato/pickle topper

Please make these this weekend- you will love me forever if you do!

Please don’t lick your screen….at least not with anyone in the room 😉

Have a great Thursday night 🙂

What are your favorite burger toppers?

3 ways to Sunday


It’s been a very busy day with a little 4-year-old girl running laps around me.  I woke up with a headache and it took most of the day for me to shake it 😦  But we ended the day with bruschetta & water balloons…is there anything better?

I had lots of bits and pieces of goodies from last night’s pizza extravaganza so I came up with these 3 types of bruschetta.  They were all 3 spectacular and if anyone is having a cocktail party or a happy hour or needs to whip up a quick antipasto- take my cue!

What I love so much about bruschetta is that the base is always roasted bread rubbed with raw garlic & drizzled with olive oil but the rest of the toppings are up to you!  Here is what I used:

a small loaf of bread, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, garlic, cremini mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, chives & rosemary + a little pizza sauce dipper

Bruschetta 3 ways

*heirloom tomato & rosemary

*mozzarella, pepperoni & chives

*sautéed cremini shrooms & shredded basil

Again, I also used the pizza sauce for a dipping sauce but these babies can totally stand on their own!

Preheat oven to Broil or 500 degrees

Line a cookie sheet with foil and place the bread pieces and drizzle them with some oil

My oil had some herbs in it and it made it that much better!

While waiting for the oven to heat up…..

Saute the shrooms with a splash of white vino

I have found that Vermouth is THE BEST when you saute shrooms but if you are out then use any dry white wine.

* a quick tip when you are sautéing shrooms

don’t salt them until they are caramelized….see the salt prevents them from getting color and color = FLAVOR!!!

When you do salt them….this is a good one to use 🙂

I know I know you may be thinking that you have garlic salt in the pantry but you have not lived until you have had the pleasure of using this one!

Put the bread in the oven and keep your eyes on it. It will only take a few minutes….don’t walk away…if it burns you will never forgive yourself!

Once those babies are bubbly & brown take them out and top them with L-O-V-E…..

I think they were gone in about 3 minutes so my advice is to make more than you think you may eat because you will want more!

We have an outside birthday party to go to tomorrow….please say a little prayer for us that we don’t melt….it’s a real possibility with a high of 108.

Have a great night!

What is your favorite cocktail food?