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French Onion Soup Stuffed Shrooms


I am absolutely beat from an exhilirating & fabulous weekend!  I hope you have had a wonderful long weekend!

I have a quick recipe I would like to share that you will definitely want to make….we couldn’t eat these fast enough!

I am a big French Onion Soup lover and I love mushrooms so this combo couldn’t be any more perfect for me!  They would be the perfect appetizer for a party.

Here are the party players:

  • 2 Tablespoons of butter
  • 1/2 cup grated mozzarella (or whatever cheese makes you smile 🙂 )
  • A mixture of button & cremini shrooms (about 24)
  • 2 large onions
  • a few dashes of worcestershire sauce (lea & perrins please!)
  • kosher salt
  • smoky seasoned salt
  • 1 cup of beef broth
  • italian parsley

First preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Next chop your onions.  Cut them in half and then thinly slice them

I know this seems like a ton of onion but it will all cook down and you will eat it will a spoon!

Throw the butter in a pan and watch it melt

I like watching butter melt in a pan….I think it’s pretty.  I am strange, I know.

Put the onions in the pan on medium and let them do their thang….

Now it’s time to clean your shrooms.  Take a damp cloth and wipe off the shrooms

And then you will need to take the stems out so you will have a home for the wonderful onion love

Make sure you don’t scoop out the gills because they will allow the shrooms to stand up once they are cooked- otherwise they will be flat

Your onions should be sweating it out pretty well by now and may even have a little color on them……go ahead and add the beef broth and some white wine…..I forgot the wine in the setup pict OOPPSS!

I used Barefoot Pinot Grigio because it is a lite white wine and I like to drink it 😉

Obviously I was drinking it when I took this picture

Leave the onions and the liquid simmering on medium and let it reduce

It’s going to reduce for about 20 minutes or so and while you are doing that you will need to grate your cheese and chop your parsley

Now you can check on your onions

DROOL………..those are beautiful

now put your shrooms in the pan (brush the pan with olive oil) and stuff these babies

Sprinkle them with cheese and put them in the oven for 15 minutes

Pretend there is cheese on these please 🙂

after you take them out of the oven sprinkle them with italian parsley

and they will look like this

Look I saved a bite for you…..

Enjoy!  I promise you will heart these forever

I have been swimming all day and ready for bed….

I hope you had a FABU Labor Day and I have some great recipes to share with you this week!

What did you make for Labor Day today?


3 ways to Sunday


It’s been a very busy day with a little 4-year-old girl running laps around me.  I woke up with a headache and it took most of the day for me to shake it 😦  But we ended the day with bruschetta & water balloons…is there anything better?

I had lots of bits and pieces of goodies from last night’s pizza extravaganza so I came up with these 3 types of bruschetta.  They were all 3 spectacular and if anyone is having a cocktail party or a happy hour or needs to whip up a quick antipasto- take my cue!

What I love so much about bruschetta is that the base is always roasted bread rubbed with raw garlic & drizzled with olive oil but the rest of the toppings are up to you!  Here is what I used:

a small loaf of bread, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, garlic, cremini mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, chives & rosemary + a little pizza sauce dipper

Bruschetta 3 ways

*heirloom tomato & rosemary

*mozzarella, pepperoni & chives

*sautéed cremini shrooms & shredded basil

Again, I also used the pizza sauce for a dipping sauce but these babies can totally stand on their own!

Preheat oven to Broil or 500 degrees

Line a cookie sheet with foil and place the bread pieces and drizzle them with some oil

My oil had some herbs in it and it made it that much better!

While waiting for the oven to heat up…..

Saute the shrooms with a splash of white vino

I have found that Vermouth is THE BEST when you saute shrooms but if you are out then use any dry white wine.

* a quick tip when you are sautéing shrooms

don’t salt them until they are caramelized….see the salt prevents them from getting color and color = FLAVOR!!!

When you do salt them….this is a good one to use 🙂

I know I know you may be thinking that you have garlic salt in the pantry but you have not lived until you have had the pleasure of using this one!

Put the bread in the oven and keep your eyes on it. It will only take a few minutes….don’t walk away…if it burns you will never forgive yourself!

Once those babies are bubbly & brown take them out and top them with L-O-V-E…..

I think they were gone in about 3 minutes so my advice is to make more than you think you may eat because you will want more!

We have an outside birthday party to go to tomorrow….please say a little prayer for us that we don’t melt….it’s a real possibility with a high of 108.

Have a great night!

What is your favorite cocktail food?

The end of an era


So yesterday was quite a bittersweet day……

I picked Bella up from her last day of Preschool…EVER

She has had such an amazing year and amazing teachers and she has really blossomed and she is 100% ready for Pre-K, even if Mommy isn’t ready for her to go:(

Awwww she was so little…….and needed me

Now I guess I should expect her to flinch a little when I kiss and hug her at the door in front of her friends but it’s ok because I still take all the sunggles and cuddles I can get- on her terms of course;)

See you later Mom–I have got this!

Goodness I love this child.

So to celebrate the end of Preschool and the end of summer…we made PIZZA!

This is not Papa Johns people!

I went to the gourmet market here because if you are going to do it- you should do it with the best ingredients!

The best thing about making homeade pizza is that you can use whatever you want to top your pizza and this is what Bella chose…..

Some awesome mozzarella and pepperoni…some colorful tomatoes…some shrooms that Bella taste tested and picked out herself and mommy didn’t get a picture of up close…pfffff

and I even bought a couple of links of mild italian sausage and took the casings off and made tiny meatballs


Lightly brush the top of your crust with a little oil.  Speaking of crust- I bought ready-made crust because I didn’t get my act together but people you have better choices!  You can purchase frozen dough and thaw it and add herbs and make it as thick or as thin as you would like.  An even better option is going to your local pizza joint and ask for some dough- they are usually happy to give you some:)

Then add your sauce- we decided to do 2 different sauces- red pizza sauce & alfredo but the world is your oyster and you could even just use the olive oil by itself.

Add the cheese & the toppings:

I started the oven out at 450 and then when I was ready to put in the pizza, I turned it down to 425.  I left them in there, directly on the rack, for 10 minutes….but all ovens are not equal so anywhere from 8-12 minutes.

Here is the Penzey’s spice that I sprinkled on when they came out for a little POW:

It’s good stuff!

So remember whatever you like to top your pizza off with it will be wonderful….just make it yourself… really is better!

p.s. please use fresh mozzarella…it will knock your socks off

Pizza really makes things like your baby growing up a little easier!  Especially when she is the one to help you make it;)

Have a great Friday!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?